Apa Benefits Melabur Dalam Unit Trust?

Berikut adalah antara benefits yang akan kita perolehi apabila kita melabur dalam unit trust:

a. Menambah dan menggandakan nilai wang dan seterusnya dapat hedge against inflation

b. Risiko rendah & Pulangan Optimum
In simple terms, investment into unit trusts means diversification of risk: “not putting all your eggs in one basket.”

c. Very affordable
Modal permulaan yang rendah. Investors can start with an investment amount as low as RM1,000.

d. Pendedahan pelaburan yang luas
With unit trust investments, it is possible to spread your money around to all of different asset classes at the same time, so that the investor can gain the investment exposure he requires.

e. Liquidity
Unit trusts allow you to easily buy and sell your investment with minimum hassle. Investors boleh menjual sebahagian atau kesemua units and will receive the redemption proceeds within 10 days. The Mutual Gold and Mutual Gold Elite investors with the No.1 Unit Trust Company will receive the proceeds within 2 business days.

f. Professionally managed
Investing in unit trusts transfers most of the necessary ‘know-how’ of investing to those best equipped to handle it – the professional fund managers.

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